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avaya one x mobile

Growing small and medium businesses consist of leaders in the field that are more effective in the field than at their desk. The need for instant communication regardless of location is more relevant than ever in today’s marketplace. Instant, reliable and seamless internal and external communication and accessibility is essential. RealmConnect answers the call with excellence with its Avaya One-X Mobile solution.

what is avaya one x mobile?

Avaya One-X allows a mobile user all the features of an office desk phone that are connected to a business network system. Your mobile user out in the field is connected to your business network, using their desk phone number instead of their personal phone number. They can transfer, page, access company contacts, filter calls, and participate in conference calls just as if they were at their desk. Any growing business that requires staff to be out of the office from time to time in frequent meetings with clients must ensure that they are still as accessible as if they were sitting at their desk. Avaya One-X Mobile gives you complete control and is customized to fit your exact business needs.

is ivr right for my business?

Increase Productivity: With Avaya One-X Mobile, your staff has complete control over who can contact them. Although they are easily reachable, they have the ability to filter calls to reduce interruptions if they need to focus their attention on the task at hand. Calls can be easily transferred to and from their device. They also have the ability, if programmed, to page, conference, or access contacts and groups straight from their mobile device as if they were at their office desk.

Save on Mobile Expenses: For the most part, all data is ran through the cloud through LTE networks and Wi-Fi, when in range. Not only are sensitive direct cell phone numbers protected by only sharing an extension of the user, but Avaya One-X Mobile also doesn’t tie up their phone’s minutes.

Be Reachable: Be instantly reachable whether you are at your desk or miles away. Your mobile phone is integrated with your existing business phone network so that you can be reached no matter where you are, using the same business phone number for both your desk and your mobile phone. Your phone is integrated with the business phone system so that you can transfer and page from your cell phone just as if you were at your desk. An added benefit is that you have control over your team’s mobile network, so that nobody is using their personal phone for business use.

Keep your most important staff members connected with Avaya One-X Mobile. Call RealmConnect to schedule your consultation today.

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