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Regardless of the call volume your growing business creates and receives, it is important not to overlook the power of what an industry-leading and feature-loaded business phone system can provide for your company. Improving customer experience begins and ends with how effectively and efficiently your team can assist customers. RealmConnect is partnered with industry-leading brands that consistently set the standard and become the benchmark for what is expected by customers who understand high-quality customer service and experience.

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Growing companies turn to a Voice over Internet (VoIP) solution for their communications infrastructure. At RealmConnect we are partnered with Avaya, a consistent leader in the enterprise and small to medium business voice market. Avaya’s VoIP phone systems are a perfect fit for companies with only a few users up to corporations with several thousand users including multi-site internal networking and mobility necessities. VoIP phone systems are an upgrade from conventional phone systems that often carry a more costly phone bill and do not contain all the features that VoIP solutions have. Furthermore, VoIP phone systems connect the same way your computer connects to the network, requiring less cabling infrastructure than normal.

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As your business grows, employee or department-specific calls will increase as well. Our small office phone systems have features that allow you to transfer and park both internal and external calls. Increase customer experience while improving productivity for your team by ensuring the customer reaches the appropriate person the first time. The larger your company grows, the more you features and accessibility options you will need. RealmConnect believes Avaya’s industry-leading phone systems are pivotal for businesses at all growth stages from small, medium, to large corporations who require multi-site networking. Our phone systems grow with you, ensuring that you are building on your investment rather than replacing technology at each stage of growth.

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