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Hospitals, schools, warehouses, and many other environments and industries understand the importance of high-quality indoor and outdoor intercom systems that are designed for commercial and business use. Our intercom systems for businesses provide an efficient way to communicate direct messages to different departments or zones, or perhaps the entire premises. During an emergency situation, a commercial grade public address system can be critical. At RealmConnect, our technicians and engineers offer a customized solution to ensure you receive the maximum coverage you desire with the appropriate speakers for each location. Improve communication, enhance safety precautions, and ensure that pages over intercom are heard loud and clear when necessary.

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While paging systems are a one-way communication method in which messages are broadcast from speakers all across your company, a commercial intercom system allows for two-way communication. Intercom systems are widely used in schools as they allow the office receptionist to communicate directly with teachers in the classroom via the overhead speaker. Paging systems are widely used in industrial environments where it’s virtually impossible to communicate back through the speaker system. They are practically the same system with the only difference being the hardware and speaker type used. We offer both.
For advanced features, RealmConnect offers both wired and wireless paging and intercom systems. Our next-generation public address systems provide an avenue to segregate departments and zones to minimize disruption in the entire facility when a message only applies to a particular area of the building. Hospitals, schools, and other sensitive environments often require and appreciate the ability to specify the particular zone that the message is needed in.

enhance communication and safety

Communication: The most obvious reason for installing a commercial intercom system in your business is for improved communication. A paging system allows you to communicate instantly with everyone in a large area, both indoors and outdoors. If you like, we can also give you options to only send messages to certain areas within your business. The intercom option also allows you to relay information to just one room, and communicate with just one party.

Safety: In case of emergencies, instant communication with your entire company can save lives. Relay information and instructions to employees, patients, and clients for their safety. Installing a public address system for your company is another step in the right direction for ensuring you have legally taken additional precautions and measures to attempt to keep everyone safe during an emergency.

Door intercom systems and video intercom systems are in demand for companies who desire to maintain higher security and keep unwanted visitors from accessing a particular zone, department, or building overall. Not only are these advanced intercom systems great for safety, but it is also an excellent strategy for monitoring and manually approving accessibility for employees in very sensitive areas of a building.

We understand that your business is unique, and your intercom system solution should be, too. We offer different options according to your needs, including indoor and outdoor intercom system solutions, door intercom systems, and wireless intercom system solutions. There are no minimum requirements, and we can work with you to find a solution that suits your company’s needs.

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