physical security with

access control

One of the best forms of physical security and enforcing authorization for areas of your building is to install an access control system. We use technology in conjunction with physical barriers to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your assets and sensitive areas of your facility. An access control system installed by RealmConnect gives you the physical building security necessary to monitor and prevent unauthorized access.

replace your outdated system

If you are already considering ways to create better internal security, an access control system is probably your best investment. By replacing traditional lock systems with keyscan, keypad, and other mediums of controlled access, you will be immediately upgrading your in-house security. As most anyone knows, standard door locking systems have flaws; lost keys, stolen keys, duplicated keys, or even simple techniques used for unlocking doors without keys altogether. Replacing these traditional locks with a sophisticated access control system can protect both your assets and employees from unauthorized access.

Access control works on more than just doors. We implement access control systems that work with turnstiles, parking gates, motorized fences and other various boundary mediums. Our security solutions are customized for any and all of the different physical access gates you possess on your premises.

more than locked doors

While most companies recognize the need for access control, most are mostly concerned about the physical security of a door or other gateway. Most fail to acknowledge the value in the information obtained when possessing an access control system. Our systems include the ability to monitor and archive the access logs that give detail of precise times of entries for those who you have given accessibility and authorization. This technology allows you to monitor the locations of individuals in case of an internal incident should one occur. With individualized access codes and settings, you can track the general whereabouts of authorized personnel for approximate timelines. Access control is not only for the safety and prevention of unauthorized access, but it also helps reduce workplace theft while being able to prove time-stamped access credentials.

At RealmConnect, our security engineers, technicians and experts use state-of-the-art access control system technology from industry-leading vendors to ensure you’re access control is not compromised. The vendors we use are chosen for their ease of use, reliability, and high-quality. After thousands of installs, we know the most trusted brands and companies to partner with in ensuring that your facility’s security is significantly upgraded after our installation is complete.

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