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call accounting & reporting

Smart, growing companies monitor, archive, and create reports of all incoming and outgoing calls to ensure their customer experience levels are always at maximum potential. Call accounting tracks performance of your sales and customer service representatives, measures how long customers are on hold, and measures costs for your company in very advanced analytics that give you true insight on all of the above. High level call accounting reports assist company executives and management in decision-making, efficiency planning, and also give them the ability to reward representatives who are consistently performing well while providing additional training to those who aren’t as efficient. These detailed analytics also spot potential problems in your customer experience system including auto attendant issues, bottlenecking, or even maxed out phone line usage.

what is call accounting & reporting?

Call accounting and reporting tracks the calls made and received from department to department. The easy-to-use software provides you with detailed analysis of user activity, costs, and trends of your company’s phone activity. After several weeks and months of reporting, you’re also able to gauge month-to-month performance tracking which give a better picture of both individual performance and overall company performance in an effort to strengthen, solidify, and expedite customer experience. Call accounting and reporting is beneficial for practically any company that has a steady flow of inbound or outbound call traffic.

why have it?

Ease of use: Web-based call accounting software is easy to understand, leaving less room for user error. It analyzes your data and presents it to you in an easy-to-read format so that you can take that information and use it to improve the efficiency of your business and make knowledgeable decisions.

Gain valuable marketing information: Use the information from your analysis to identify peak calling times for your clientele. Phone call analysis allows you to make more informed business decisions that can maintain productivity, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. For example, if your analysis identifies a regular pattern of peak calling times, you can schedule more employees for that time to deliver a better customer experience with fewer and lower wait times.

Monitor your employees: With call accounting and reporting, you will instantly be able to monitor employees by analyzing their performance, including how many calls they’ve made, and how long it takes them to accomplish their goals.

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