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Conference phones are an essential component for any office requiring input from multiple decision makers both internally and externally. While the conferencing feature is standard for practically any desk phone or smartphone in the 21st century, having a phone that is engineered for the particular purpose of conference calls is a difference maker for clarity and professionalism. Investing in a conference phone solution for your company gives you an immediate upgrade for conference calls. RealmConnect offers a variety of industry-leading conference phones to fit your communication infrastructure.

enhanced collaboration

Finding the right conference phone that compliments your executive-style conference table for multiple users while maintaining a cutting edge, high-quality sound and reliable signal is vital. While serving thousands of customers in North America, RealmConnect has encountered every possible collaboration necessity for conferencing. Our research, knowledge and experience have equipped and prepared our engineers and technicians to ensure that you are hosting conference calls in style. From standard features for small businesses to customized features for medium companies and enterprises, our variety of high-quality conference phones ensure that you are equipped with all the bells and whistles.

Hosting and participating in conference calls with clarity make investing in a commercial grade conference phone worth it. With the advanced features of our conference phone solutions, your staff can collaborate with business decision makers across the globe. Teleconferencing enhances collaboration, saves time, eliminates travel costs, and makes negotiating and decision-making easier for all participants. The ability to collaborate via conference calls also improves teamwork and efficiency for companies who have teams in multiple cities and venues.

why have it?

Although many telephone systems have a speaker phone function, the audio quality and communication may suffer in comparison to a conference phone call that is made expressly for the purpose of capturing audio in a given space. For example, suppose you have a group of people in a meeting room that needs to speak with an external client. The downside of using standard speakerphones is that the audio quality isn’t made to capture sound as precisely as a conference phone. Misunderstanding someone over the phone is both frustrating and potentially costly for you.

While there is a standard set of features on all of the conference phone models we offer, there are variations in advanced features and networking infrastructure. Our latest conference phone models come with SD card slots that allow you to record the conference call and easily archive the call. This feature enables you to upload and archive the conference call to a PC or other SD card readable device, ensuring that the full details of the teleconference are captured.

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