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Hosted VoIP, also known as Cloud VoIP, is a cost-effective yet powerful solution for small and medium businesses. Small businesses realize the many benefits and features of switching to a more progressive communication solution from RealmConnect. Making the decision for your company begins with being informed of the advantages of a cloud-based VoIP solution.

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When using a Hosted VoIP solution, your phone service is delivered over the internet. Instead of paying hefty monthly fees and being stuck in contracts with local service providers, growing companies can kick the local service provider to the curb. Companies now have the flexibility to invest more into their internet package while outsourcing their phone service to RealmConnect, a reliable source for hosted PBX and cloud-based phone systems.

Our virtual PBX systems are a more affordable VoIP solution for companies that are looking for flexible options on their phone service and features. Instead of investing heavily in phone service infrastructure, companies can have the same enterprise-level features that SIP Trunking and VoIP service provides at a fraction of the cost. RealmConnect can host your voice service off-site on our reliable, secure in-house servers. Other than the minimal hardware required on your end to receive our service sufficiently, we handle the grunt of the networking from our side. Overall, you do not have a recognizable workflow difference other than additional features and options, yet you get more benefits at a better rate. Should you ever encounter a challenge, our dedicated team of technicians are here to assist you immediately.

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Bring Your Numbers: Looking to switch? RealmConnect technicians can assist you with transferring your local phone numbers to our in-house dedicated, secure servers that host a number of growing companies.

One Dedicated Vendor and Service: Moving your service to us is a win-win for both affordability and scalability for your company. You’ll have the benefit of having one source for both your technology and your phone service. If there’s ever a challenge in your quality of service or phone equipment, you have one name and one number to call. Our technicians, engineers, and communication experts are always standing by to assist you. Instead of waiting for hours or even days on your local service provider to show up, RealmConnect has you covered with full, dedicated support.

Powerful and Flexible: A virtual PBX system offers seamless scalability no matter how many employees you have. PBX virtual solutions are one of the most reliable VoIP solutions out there, with 99.999% uptime, secure firewalls, carrier-class switching, multiple power sources and co-located facilities. You will get automatic network monitoring, and no planned downtime. Virtual PBX offers comprehensive, multi-tiered reliability for small, growing businesses that sometimes go back and forth between steady growth and unsteady spikes in use.

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