flexibility for hands on professionals with

wifi phone systems

While many growing companies understand the value of having an industry-leading brand for their phone system, not all solutions have the flexibility offered by a Wi-Fi phone system solution. Furthermore, some companies require Wi-Fi accessibility while still having the integrated features that office phone systems provide. RealmConnect bridges that gap well with options for both Wi-Fi phone systems and long range wireless phones.

what is a wifi phone system?

Wi-Fi phone systems are fairly self-explanatory: they utilize the Wi-Fi from your network to connect to the phone system infrastructure. Compared to a long range wireless phone solution, Wi-Fi has an unlimited reach as long as there is a nearby Wi-Fi source that connects to the same network as your phone system. These are useful in many industries and are common for expansive building settings such as hospitals, schools, universities, multi-level office complexes and skyscrapers. Wi-Fi phones are also a great fit for outdoors, as long as Wi-Fi is accessible. RealmConnect, of course, offers the full solution if required with extended range Wi-Fi accessibility options.

why have it?

Our Wi-Fi phones come with the same integrated features as your desk phone provides, including call transfer, paging, call parking, and voice mail accessibility. While on-site, the availability of a Wi-Fi phone gives a school administrator the ability to be more hands-on while on premises, while never having to return to their office to answer an urgent phone call from a parent. The company CEO can now be on the 7th floor speaking with department leaders, instead of waiting at the desk to ensure they don’t miss a phone call from an important business partner. There are many uses for our Wi-Fi phones, and RealmConnect has always received rave reviews from customers who decided to give them a shot.

Wi-Fi phones have the same flexibility as office desk phone solutions that are installed and serviced by RealmConnect. Our Wi-Fi phones allow you to receive and make calls just as if you are sitting at your desk. Jumping onto a conference from any location within internal Wi-Fi range is easier than ever for university administrators, hospital medical staff, and construction company project managers. No matter the profession or industry, our Wi-Fi phone systems provide maximum efficiency and production in crucial moments when a phone call connection is immediately needed.

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