enhance multi-tasking with

office headsets

Office headsets are one of the best enhancements for any user that uses an office desk phone regularly. We offer a plethora of choices from wired to wireless office headsets to luxury or more economical office headsets. Regardless, merely having a headset that allows the user to receive and make phone calls hands-free can be a significant improvement in production and efficiency.

offer better customer experience

Smart, growing companies understand the value of investing in tools and essential components to improve accuracy and effectiveness. In environments where customer experience is a high priority, it’s important that representatives are hands free in order to continue typing, handling papers, and archiving files at a rapid pace without having to hold a desk phone handset to their shoulder. Our distraction-free office headsets are a great solution, and we offer an excellent lineup of options.

Our wireless office headset solutions provide representatives the freedom to disengage from the desk to access files, office equipment, or other necessities while maintaining a conversation with the customer. Rather than placing the customer on a brief hold, representatives can maneuver and multi-task efficiently with our wireless headsets, designed specifically for receptionists and customer service representatives.

notice the difference

While our industry-leading phone system technology provides an excellent standard of voice quality, our office headsets are engineered for the specific purpose of drowning out miscellaneous office noise and quality sound improvement. There is a noticeable different in our commercial-grade office headsets for both reception and transmitting. Both customers and agents can communicate clearly without the frustration of noise interference. In situations where agents are multi-tasking while holding a handset on their shoulder, sometimes the sound can be muffled. With our wired and wireless headset options, customers are sure to understand your representatives with full clarity.

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