tough phones for tough workers with

long range cordless

Warehouse managers, ship dock staff, and other industrial and outdoor-centric companies must remain at their respective locations to be highly efficient and productive. Efficiency still requires communication when necessary, thus, an ability to collaborate with on-site project managers and front-office staff. For the requirements, RealmConnect often recommends a high-quality, commercial grade long range cordless phone solution.

flexible & convenient

Our long range cordless phone brands are on the forefront of innovation for companies requiring a durable, well-engineered solution. Our long range cordless phones are capable of integrating with your existing phone system solution and can often match the same familiar features that are seen on standard business phone systems including transferring and parking calls. Our commercial grade cordless phones also allow you to page others with the intercom feature. While these features are excellent, at the end of the day most solutions begin and end with the question of durability. At RealmConnect, we’ve got you covered.

Long range cordless phones are incredibly flexible when integrated into your existing phone system. No matter where you are in the plant or on the premises, you are not confined to your desk. You will be available for conference calls, transfers, paging, and more. Extra users and compatible headsets can be added at your discretion for enhanced efficiency.

durable & reliable

You need your commercial cordless phones to perform for the entire work day if needed while maintaining a strong, reliable signal. RealmConnect offers the best long range cordless phone that delivers 50+ hours of battery life and 6 hours of consistent talking time. We realize that a phone like this needs to be prepared for tough use in an industrial or construction environment. That is why we choose to use vendors like EnGenius who carry the DuraFon Pro, a proven and rugged phone that is built to withstand the daily wear and tear both indoors and outdoors.

We can offer demos so that you can understand the capabilities, reliability and signal strength of a top of the line long range cordless phone for commercial and industrial use. After installation, you should be able to be anywhere within your business yet still be reachable without missing calls.

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