ensure missed calls are managed with

voicemail systems

Every growing business consists of productive and efficient staff members who aren’t always directly available for a phone call. Missed phone calls can be detrimental especially if voicemails are not being properly managed. At RealmConnect, our phone systems come with advanced voicemail systems that offer the best way of storing, sending, and listening to audio messages from both external and internal callers. Audio files are digitally stored for users to listen to when a time is more convenient, but in most cases also offers a visual of the caller information, time stamp, and advanced features and options of how the voicemail should be archived.

efficient & productive

When your company is in rapid motion with heavy telecommunication, having access to a voicemail message service is an essential part of everyday business. From staff member to employee and vice versa, for everyone to remain productive they aren’t always accessible right away. Furthermore, it’s not always beneficial for project managers to stay at their desk for the full workday when their input is required on the work floor or out in the field. However, there are critical phone calls that must be responded to appropriately, and having an organized way of archiving voicemails is essential.

Ensure accuracy by having a record of audio information. Improve productivity by allowing calls to be prioritized. Transfer calls between apartments in a more efficient manner. Since all phone calls should be considered important until sorted by the responsible party, companies should not rely on traditional sticky notes with a name and number jotted down which may or may not ever officially make it to the desired party.

better customer experience

Great customer service starts with a firm foundation internally. When an urgent phone call arrives, and a staff member is currently away from the desk, customers are more likely to leave a thorough voicemail for the intended party in privacy in comparison to leaving a brief number with the gatekeeper. Our voicemail systems allow customers to be transferred directly to the voicemail box of the intended party rather than the party having to go through the process of a phone ringing with no response before having the opportunity to leave a voicemail. Furthermore, a professional voicemail system provides a convenient way for customers to relay their message for immediate partial satisfaction when they call your business. It provides a convenient way for your employees to communicate with customers even when they can’t serve them right away, reducing the need for administrative or secretarial support and efficiency.

seamless advanced features

Providing a voicemail message option leaves an open door to communication and service when an employee is unavailable after hours. The option of voicemail reaffirms to the customer that their call is important to you. Furthermore, having a great voicemail system ensures that missed phone calls from significant prospects, customers, partners, and vendors at least have the option for leaving a thorough voice message. Our advanced voicemail systems for businesses have options such as voicemail to e-mail. Voicemail to e-mail allows voicemails to be converted into an audio file as an attachment straight to your voicemail, ensuring that important voicemails receive the attention they deserve.

Regardless of how sophisticated or simple your current voicemail solution is, customers expect your business to have a voicemail, and furthermore; they expect a returned phone call. Relying on a third party or local service provider to give you all the features required makes you slightly vulnerable. While it may serve startup companies, growing small and medium businesses truly need a better approach to handling missed phone calls.

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