burglary prevention with

alarm systems

The technology with advanced alarm systems have improved significantly over the last decade. Protecting your assets with burglary prevention is essential for business owners, and our advanced alarm system implementation ensures you have maximum coverage for your premises.

have full time assurance

Round the clock security alarm technology gives the executives of your company the peace of mind to help prevent precious assets from being robbed or vandalized, especially after hours. Having an audible commercial security alarm system is an effective means of preventing a theft by putting fear and anxiety into the burglars. When detecting unauthorized entry or movement with next-generation laser-precise technology, your system immediately contacts the authorities in your company before placing an immediate phone call to local law enforcement. When combined with our high definition video surveillance system and access control, your assets and employees are far more secure in comparison to traditional off-the-shelf systems.

beyond theft prevention

Beyond burglary and theft prevention and detection, the ability to monitor for fire and smoke detection is critical for your company. In case of a fire emergency, every second and minute is critical.

Our security technicians, engineers and experts at RealmConnect ensure that you have maximum security and surveillance coverage of your premises with a customized solution. We will work with you to assess your security necessities while targeting physical vulnerabilities and ensuring maximum coverage in sensitive areas of your building to produce a customized plan for the best alarm system for your company.

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