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Loss prevention, theft reduction, vandalism surveillance, and even the monitoring of employees for efficiency integrity are just a few major reasons why companies choose us for commercial video surveillance system installation. We offer a wide variety of commercial grade security cameras with a plethora of features and options for all surveillance areas, atmospheres, and purposes.

While advanced video surveillance technology brings strong clarity in video details, it is just as important that the footage is captured and archived properly. Our technicians and engineers ensure that your surveillance footage is being captured accurately with our professional video archiving system. Recalling video footage from a precise date and time is now easier than ever.

multi purpose systems


Having a video surveillance system install deters both internal and external potential thieves. Whether you have an internal theft issue, shoplifters, or burglary, potential thieves will think twice when they know they are being recorded live with security cameras.

Catching shoplifters on camera give you the absolute evidence of their crime. This hard proof can be used for the apprehension of a suspect or proof of eligible termination of employees or vendors.

The day you install video surveillance cameras is the day that nonproductive employees will immediately be motivated to step up their performance. The standard procedure of visibly monitoring employees for taking too long on breaks, getting distracted or loitering is a fast, effective way to make sure your employees continue to work at a steady pace.

brands you can trust

Acti: Monitor wide areas with a remote pan, tilt, and zoom control. Record and stream high-quality images, and use compression to optimize network bandwidth. Use two-way audio to listen in and communicate with individuals in a surveillance area. Our cameras have a day/night functionality so that your surveillance areas are visible even at night.

Avigilon: When you want to invest in the highest quality video surveillance, look no further than Avigilon video surveillance software and video surveillance cameras. They have the highest detailed video quality on the market with the broadest range of megapixel cameras that operate on the highest levels with minimum bandwidth. They are compatible with third-party IP video surveillance, intercoms, alarms, POS systems, and other VMS platforms.

RealmConnect makes your video surveillance installation flexible, secure, customized, and completely under your control according to your wishes and needs. Our experts will analyze the area that you wish to monitor and install your surveillance system. Your commercial surveillance system will be robust, flexible, customizable, and scalable to grow easily with you as your business expands.

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