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Since famous coffee shops first offered public Wi-Fi options in 2001, the trends have grown every year for the demand and expectation for Public Wi-Fi. As important as Wi-Fi accessibility options are for customers at restaurants, hotels, and other public venues, the accessibility is just as crucial for growing companies who utilize mobile technology in their workflow.

The backbone of most services that RealmConnect offers is based on network capabilities, some of which include reliable Wi-Fi accessibility for certain features including Wi-Fi phones. Our experience has proven that Wi-Fi is in demand in all industries, and in some cases, is a critical component anytime a mobile application is used.

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Public Wi-Fi access points serve customers, students, tenants, and in some cases, entire cities. Restaurants can retain customers who become loyal for the sole purpose of Wi-Fi accessibility. College campuses have a need for both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access for students who have the ability to improve their performance by studying under a shade tree or at the tables outside the on-campus coffee shop. Improving student grades increases retention, improving enrollment and overall the amount of capital a college receives annually. Cutting edge churches and non-profit centers are improving the experience for the next generation by offering Wi-Fi. Hotels are practically required to provide Wi-Fi, or else receive negative reviews for not meeting common expectations.

The need for a more robust, commercial grade wireless access point is greater than ever before. With a digital age arising, the transfer of data continues to grow with videos, music, and streaming becoming increasingly popular. For companies, professionals are now utilizing the power of mobile applications to collaborate from headquarters to the sales representatives out in the field. Medical professionals are using tablets to read x-rays and charts, becoming more environmentally sound while having an increasing demand on high speed and expanded functionality. All of these functionalities don’t just happen: wireless access points are a critical component in every scenario.

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Improve Atmosphere: Many customers don’t like waiting. Unfortunately, sometimes waiting is inevitable. Luckily, most consumers are perfectly distracted with mobile accessible media on their smartphones and tablets as long as free Wi-Fi is provided. For example: Free Wi-Fi can give a salon or spa just enough of an edge over the competition when customers can view internet content on their mobile device and share their experience on social media while they visit your business. That’s more customers, more profit, and free advertising for the salon!

New Customers: Some companies benefit from offering public wi-fi because it attracts new customers. Once potential customers know that you have free Wi-Fi, they are more likely to visit, more liable to make a purchase, and more likely to return again for additional purchases. If your location is in a tourist area, free Wi-Fi is a fantastic way to pick up some traveling, paying customers. Restaurants and retail stores especially benefit from repeat customers who come more often, stay longer, and buy more things.

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