give your network a backbone with

fiber optic cabling

It’s time that your company replaces its existing conventional copper cabling. Fiber optic cabling is an incredible upgrade for small businesses who utilize significant bandwidth and require faster speeds with greater reliability and flexibility in their internal and external networking infrastructure. We offer both indoor and outdoor custom cabling installation options for companies who are ready to take their networks to the next level.

Fiber optic cabling is made of long, thin, hair-width strands of optically pure glass. When arranged together in bundles to create optic cables, light can be transmitted over long distances. Rather than transferring data through standard copper or analog methods, data is transferred with the speed of light. With fiber optics, your company can send and receive more data faster than ever before!

why should i upgrade my network?

Greater Bandwidth: Fiber optics allows for a drastically higher amount of bandwidth in comparison to conventional copper wires. Greater bandwidth gives you faster speeds for improved production and customer satisfaction because you can carry more data.

Speed and Flexibility: Fiber optic cabling solutions offer the highest speeds of data transfer because the data is transmitted via the speed of light. With extreme data integrity, both voice and data reception is full of clarity and practically no lag. The flexibility of the small glass fibers also allows for better digital data transfer for your computer network.

Secure and Reliable: With fiber optics, the voice and data packets is extremely difficult to tap into, making your connection less susceptible to security risks, call interference, and interception. The glass core makes it impervious to corrosion and other natural challenges that copper wiring can encounter when exposed to the elements over time. Fiber optic cabling is made of a more durable material and will last far longer than copper wiring.

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