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While implementing game-changing technology to improve efficiency, simplify workflow, and increase collaboration with excellent networking gear, software, and tools, if there is one link in the matter than can hinder all of the above it is your network. With so many dots to connect, there are a number of reasons that your network’s performance can be hindered. A network assessment can help identify bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and incorrect network designs by testing your network with a series of performance tests. Any growing business or enterprise understands how critical their business communication infrastructure is. Identify potential challenges in your network before it happens and ensure your network is performing at its peak potential with a comprehensive network assessment from RealmConnect.

Why have a network assessment?

Get advanced analytics on your network performance. IT personnel are always impressed with the advanced detail of our network performance testing, which reveals real-time data as it occurred, and any areas of concern for the current networking infrastructure as well as scalability. Our network assessments can reveal weak points in your network including speed, security, and overall performance, giving you the absolute best feedback on what components may be your next best upgrade. After assessing your network, we will be able to provide direct feedback with a professional consultation on how to improve the performance of your network.

Catch vulnerabilities before they halt your network. RealmConnect checks for bandwidth performance to discover potential challenges that may occur in your network, which can several limit or potentially crash your network, bringing down your entire communications system with it. The most common weak points are typically bottlenecking, where a particular component in your network is maximized and cannot pass any additional packets of data after a certain level of traffic. Our network assessment can quantify just how much data your network can withstand before running into real challenges. Detecting these challenges before they occur is much more than about testing for the sake of running numbers. These figures give you the full blueprint and performance scope that your company can maintain. Understanding this data reveals where your business is for scalability, so you can rest assured that you can continue serving customers at the level you expect. Beyond just speed, security issues can also present a significant challenge. Our network assessments can reveal potential loopholes or open access opportunities that certainly need to be addressed for security purposes.

get the most from your network

Network redundancy is the process in which alternate instances of network devices are installed within your network infrastructure. Our assessment can test your network to ensure you are prepared for redundancy and reveal potential points of failure. We can assist you with even more options on maintaining more reliable network solutions no matter how much traffic your network is handling.

Are you upgrading to VoIP? We will test your networking infrastructure for Voiceover IP readiness and work with you to ensure that you and your team have a smooth, stress-free transition.

If you want to ensure that you are getting the fastest, most secure, most reliable business network solutions, our experts can complete a comprehensive network assessment. The detailed analysis that you will receive from our professionals can assist you in improving your existing network or in making business decisions about managing upgrades and adding services.

Become a better steward with your network resources and budget allocations. Get your network assessed by a third party to ensure network integrity. Call RealmConnect to schedule your consultation today.

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