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Networks of the twenty-first century have become increasingly sophisticated with the need for internal collaboration from the headquarters to the branch offices from city to city, coast to coast. As your organization continues to expand, so does your need for more sophisticated networking infrastructure. RealmConnect specializes in the engineering of multiple site or site-to-site virtual private network technology implementations. Our site-to-site VPNs give your organization the accessibility required for securely connecting to and from the primary data source for your enterprise, allowing co-workers and company executives the ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

what is site to site vpn?

A site to site VPN allows companies with several different locations to maintain a secure private network between those locations. With multisite networking, your private network is no longer limited to one location, but can be securely accessed by your other branches or representatives in other physical locations. Co-workers can access the primary database from miles away without connecting through a public interface, and customers can be transferred directly to an extension that is technically located in another city and state yet just four digits away from being connected. It is your company’s virtual private network that connects the dots.

A growing company that has several physical branches can benefit from site to site VPN. For example, a healthcare provider that wishes to expand their practice to several different locations can also extend their private network to each building, allowing patient records to be accessed securely no matter which building a patient visits. Colleges can extend their network to different campuses. Companies can connect remote offices with up-to-date information at every user’s fingertips. Site to site virtual private networks will improve communication, save time, and secure vital information in a way that allows you to serve your customers or complete your tasks more efficiently and securely no matter where your users are located.

vpn is secure & flexible

Your site to site VPN uses a process called tunneling to keep your data secure. Tunneling is the process of layering a packet within another packet before the information is transferred over a network. This is called encapsulation. Encapsulation adds an extra layer of security for your information so that it remains safely within your network. In addition to this, we will set up a customized firewall to secure your data. A firewall allows us to put an extra measure of security between the information on your private network and the internet, protecting your sensitive data from malicious incoming attacks and prying eyes. A firewall also allows you to monitor data across your network.

Intranet-Based: Intranet-based VPNs are completely private networks, to be accessed only by authorized users within that network. That means your network is only available to your authorized users, which is the standard choice for site to site VPNs. Intranet-based VPNs are for connecting the private networks of remote locations.

Extranet Based: Choose extranet-based VPNs when you work closely with clients, suppliers, or other companies and are willing to invite authorized third parties to access your network for ease of communication. With extranet-based VPNs, you can collaborate and transfer information in secure, shared access without giving them access to your intranet-based VPN.

When you company has several locations, take charge of your internal network communications and create a secure, private site-to-site VPN that connects them all. Keep your business rolling, no matter how many locations, with seamless and secure collaboration and communication. Call RealmConnect to speak with an expert who can analyze your current networking solutions and discuss custom options for your business.

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