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Never before in history has there been more tools and technology for companies of all sizes to be as efficient as there is now. The flexibility of mobile solutions for growing companies and corporations gives their top talented professionals the ability to be in full control and at peak performance around the clock without the need to return to their desk every time a customer or prospect needs their attention. At RealmConnect, our partnership with Avaya has empowered us to take all companies who have a need for mobility with unified communications to the next level with Avaya One-X Mobile.

what is avaya one x portal?

Avaya One-X gives users all the features they enjoy from their next-generation office desk phone on their smartphones and tablets. Now, your executive staff, outside sales professionals, and remote staff can connect with parties as if they are at their desk without having to terminate calls and reconnect. With Avaya One-X Mobile, inside customer care representatives can transfer, page, and conference in mobile users seamlessly. While these cutting-edge technological advanced features are powerful, it is the filtering of phone calls that maintain efficiency for professionals who must maximize every hour of their time to be at full production. Avaya One-X Mobile is an extremely popular platform for companies who frequently meet with clients outside of the office or on the road but need the ability to remain connected internally with their department to maintain excellence customer experience. Avaya leads the industry in enterprise level mobile solutions One-X Mobile.

why is it right for you?

Increase productivity: You have complete control over who can reach you directly. Although you are easily reachable on your direct extension, you never have to give out your direct cell number, and you still have the flexibility to receive phone calls just as if you are sitting at your desk in the office. You can easily transfer, page, conference call, and access contacts and groups of contacts straight from your mobile phone just as you do on your desk phone in the office.

Save on mobile expenses: Avaya One-X Mobile utilizes the internet via LTE and data signal on your mobile devices rather than using up your minutes on your mobile device. When in Wi-Fi territory, you never have to worry about data or voice altogether.

Instant accessibility: Be instantly reachable whether you are at your desk or miles away from the office. Your mobile phone is integrated with your existing phone network so that you can be reached no matter where you are, using the same business phone number for both your desk and your mobile phone. Your phone is integrated with the business phone system so that you can transfer and page from your mobile devices just as if you were at your desk. An added benefit is that you have control over your team’s mobile network, so that nobody is using their personal phone for business use.

Reduce missed calls from critically-important customers, maintain excellent customer experience, and improve production and efficiency for your teams that belong on the road; not the office. Call RealmConnect today.

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