inbound and outbound call automation with

interactive voice response

The answer for spikes in incoming call volume for most growing small and medium businesses is to implement a customized auto-attendant solution to help navigate customers to the appropriate departments without tying up receptionists and having excessive hold times. For companies who have implemented a unique auto attendant system yet are still experiencing significant hold times, it may be time to look into an enhanced interactive voice response system (E-IVR), engineered and implemented carefully by RealmConnect.

Whether your company has efficiency concerns for inbound or outbound call traffic, an enhanced interactive voice response system may be an excellent solution for your growing enterprise. RealmConnect specializes in enhanced interactive voice response systems that automatically streamline incoming phone traffic including sophisticated automated assistance engineering. Our custom, well-engineered and professionally managed IVR systems will propel your efficiency and customer satisfaction forward.

why interactive voice response?

An IVR system works in conjunction with auto-attendant features. It is programmed for both inbound and outbound calls and streamlines communications whenever necessary. An IVR system is different from an auto-attendant in that it is capable of more than just directing calls; it can also provide information to both you and your inbound callers. There are virtually no limitations to capacity from an IVR system’s standpoint. It is limited only by your current service from your service provider. An IVR system is as expansive as you need to be, with virtually no limits.

IVR systems are great for businesses with high call volumes from customers. They allow simple questions to be answered without requiring staff to be on the phone. When customers call with basic inquiries, an IVR system can automatically handle commonly asked questions such as directions, hours of operation, promotion or event details, or relevant announcements. Your staff can concentrate on spending their time on more profitable and productive tasks, such as answering more profitable or significant callers with more complicated inquiries.

An interactive voice response system allows you to save money by replacing an extra employee with automated service. Interactive voice response systems are especially a more efficient and cost-effective option when you tend to have spikes in phone activity with a portion of it being simple questions that an automated response can handle. IVR systems do not entirely replace human interaction, but they are effective at buffering traffic for your existing representatives during peak calling times.

is ivr right for my business?

Beyond just responding to commonly asked questions, enhanced interactive voice response systems can be programmed to streamline items to assist customer representatives such as collecting invoice numbers, customer identification numbers, identity verification, or perhaps even collecting billing information. In fact, our custom engineered interactive voice response systems have been programmed for some customers to make phone calls on behalf of companies for appointment reminders, billing reminders, etc. A custom IVR system engineered by RealmConnect can improve retention rates, billing rates, and practically any structured system that can be duplicated by your customer base.

If you are in an industry with a high call volume, an IVR system can be beneficial for both your employees and customers. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact threshold of phone traffic to representative availability and average phone duration when trying to determine your need for this service. Having said that, if you have a comfortable amount of agents but are still placing customers on hold during peak times, your business can benefit from an interactive voice response system. Interactive voice response allows less important calls to be properly filtered so that your team can handle all incoming calls in a way that maintains customer satisfaction.

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